Discovery Education and Trane Technologies have partnered to present Sustainable Futures – resources to inspire students to learn, explore, innovate and lead us to a healthier world. Sustainable Futures equips educators with interactive classroom tools that connect important real-world sustainability goals to everyday challenges students care about. It helps students see how they can get involved in creating solutions, takes them into the field for up-close STEM explorations, and introduces them to a variety of green career pathways.

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Learn more about our interactive resources designed to get students thinking big and taking action on critical sustainability challenges facing our world.

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Inspire students to be future sustainability leaders by taking them behind the scenes to meet innovators developing climate solutions that are creating a more sustainable world.


Celebrate students’ power to create change in their communities with a 3–part Video Topic Series highlighting passionate young individuals who are putting sustainable science into action. Extend learning with companion activities for classrooms and families.


Explore the ways that students’ environment impacts their lives with this hands-on learning exploration and inspire students to investigate Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in their own community.


Find out how a passion for problem-solving can be used to build a successful career that positively impacts the lives of others. Go on the job with the diverse team at Trane Technologies.


Explore the ways that students’ local environment impacts their lives with these hands-on interactive lessons that will inspire them to come up with solutions of their own for improving Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in their own community, and homes.


Learn how employees at the global climate leader, Trane Technologies are heading into schools with their Sustainable Futures program to empower students like yours to be tomorrow’s change-makers.

About the Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip

Reimagining Today for a More Sustainable Tomorrow

Building a more sustainable world can feel like a huge goal – and it is, but it’s possible with bold, decisive action. The people at Trane Technologies will show you how in their Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip, which challenges students to explore how they too can think big, challenge what’s possible and create a more sustainable future. Students will be transported onto Trane Technologies’ campuses where they’ll meet diverse and dynamic professionals who will excite their creativity with real-life examples of out-of-the-box thinking that are creating a lasting, positive impact on our planet.

Show students how they can start living more sustainably today, while also helping them understand important topics affecting the world around them, like climate change, and food waste and insecurity.


Personal Choices with Global Consequences

Explore impacts of everyday activities on the environment

Make sustainability real by giving students a practical view of the current state of the Earth’s environment and how everyday behaviors impact our climate.

  • Context on Climate Change
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Technology’s Impact on the Environment

Innovating for the Future

An up-close look at how sustainable innovation is protecting our planet

Get inspired by real-world professionals who are using sustainable solutions to solve critical climate challenges.

  • Sustainability Subject Matter Experts
  • Tackling Food Waste and Healthy Indoor Air
  • Achieving Big Goals with Bold Actions

Taking Informed Action

Inspire students to live more sustainably

Inspire students to take action in their own communities with engineering design opportunities.

  • Looking at Life Through a Sustainability Lens
  • Embracing Everyday Action
  • Goal Setting and Problem Solving
This planet is home to us all, but to young people especially. Their passion and creativity is critical in the fight for a healthy future.
Deidra Parrish WilliamsTrane Technologies