Volunteer Resources

As part of a team of global climate innovators, Trane Technologies employees know what it means to incorporate sustainable solutions into daily life. Sustainable Futures volunteers bring experiential learning right into the classroom, connecting students to the diverse team at Trane Technologies and their broad range of talents. Students will learn to create sustainable goals as they harness essential STEM skills and investigate in-demand green career pathways.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Guide

Sustainable Futures volunteers can make the most of their classroom visit with this resource guide. Find help for everything from setting up your session to engaging students with classroom challenges that address their interests and goals.

Volunteer Guide.PDF, 800KB

Virtual Field Trip Guide.PDF, 996KB

Introduction Letter

Reach out to your community and ignite interest in sustainable solution seeking with this Introduction Letter, which includes an overview of the Sustainable Futures program and mission, while outlining your role as an ambassador for everyday sustainability.

Introduction Letter.PDF, 1.6MB

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Reimagine the daily routine through a sustainable lens as students consider how simple individual decisions can impact their environment.


Uncover the complex food systems that feed us with an activity in which students synthesize and communicate key findings.


Dive deeper into the meaning of sustainability with an activity spotlighting the importance of cold chain logistics in human health and well-being.


Take students on a classroom gallery walk as they investigate the evolution of thermostats and consider sustainable innovations.


Show students how individual actions can add up to a real impact on the environment by determining their carbon footprint. After a short “What If” activity, students will imagine simple changes they could make to help reduce negative impacts on the environment.


Take students inside the green building movement and explore innovative and eco-conscious new approaches to public energy, water, and waste. Students will brainstorm creative solutions for a green building design challenge, using the engineering design process.


Introduce students to the complexities of decarbonization by exploring how Trane Technologies and other businesses are tackling this larger-than-life challenge. Students will collaborate in a group-based jigsaw activity before considering what decarbonization means to individuals and families.


Break down the meaning of sustainability for students and explore the innovative methods being used to achieve it. After considering the connections between sustainability and citizenship, students will create an idea for a social media post that spotlights environmental sustainability.
It’s hard to move mountains alone, but you can accomplish a lot when you get people moving toward the same goal together.
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