Sustainability: The Human Factor - Video Topic Series

Sustainability: The Human Factor is a 3-part Video Topic Series that showcases the human imagination, ingenuity, and passion behind the science of sustainability. Each video features a young changemaker who is sparking sustainable action at the local level, along with professional insights from a Trane Technologies thought leader working to innovate more sustainable ways of life.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Check out a grassroots tree-planting project in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn how students can grow sustainable practices into real-world change within their own communities. Students will meet changemakers working to improve green spaces and reduce the impacts of climate change through innovative tech solutions.


Explore the native plants around your home and create your own green space! Explore a series of learning tools to guide at-home learning.


Get students thinking about the power of individual actions to create global change with these classroom conversation starters:

  • How important are native plants to a healthy ecosystem, or to a thriving community?
  • What if the native plants in your area were considered members of the community?
  • Can you think of an idea for a tree-planting campaign to spark interest with others?
I think one of the great opportunities we have in this day and age is the amount of data that’s available.
Chris TorlineEducational Program Engineer
Trane Technologies