Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip (On Demand)

Building a Successful Future with Sustainable Habits

Give students an up-close look at the countless ways sustainable innovation can be embraced in everyday life, like individual actions, exciting green career pathways, and historic global initiatives. This immersive virtual journey empowers students to pair big goals with bold action as they get involved in creating the future they want to see, starting in their own communities. Along the way, students will gain new perspectives from experts at Trane Technologies, a youth sustainability advocate, and more!

Classroom Conversation Starters

Dive deeper into important topics covered in the Virtual Field Trip, including climate change, food waste, engineering sustainability, and DIY solutions. Consider one or more of the following discussion topics:

  • How would you define “sustainable”?
  • Can you think of an actionable goal to support sustainability?
  • Does food ever go to waste in your household? Where do you see evidence of food loss in your community?
  • What individual skills could you contribute to creating real-world change?

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Sustainable futures

30 Minutes

Extend the learning using timely classroom connectors and student activities that build on concepts covered in the Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip.

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Bring real-world sustainability ideas into the classroom by scheduling a visit with a Trane Technologies professional, available for in-person and virtual learning sessions.

Once you see where you are in relation to your goal, you’ll have a better sense of what direction to go in next.
JadaVirtual Field Trip Host