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STEM Career Profile

Do you want to be a Director of Innovation?

Learn more about this career by downloading the profile overview fact sheet and put what you’ve learned into practice with a hands-on activation.


The director of innovation helps a company like Trane Technologies investigate new ideas and technologies and collaborate with a wide variety of teammates in the process. As a director of innovation at Trane Technologies, Jason researches and explores exciting new technologies that are designed to improve indoor air quality for classrooms and other indoor environments.

Evaluate Your Interest

Explore the profile to learn more about the skills students need to succeed in this career:

  • Are you a creative problem solver?
  • Do you like to think outside the box?
  • Can you use math to solve a problem?
  • How comfortable are you collaborating with others and leading?

Activate Your Interests

Provide practical steps students can take in everyday life to pursue this career:

  • Focus on taking classes in math and computer science.
  • Polish your communication and leadership skills with friends or family.
  • Get comfortable using technology to solve real-world challenges.
  • Consider the ways that innovation could be used to improve learning at your school.

Student Activation (PDF)

If you’re considering a career, you really should find a job that fits who you are as a person—your passions and your interests.

Jason Tilghman
Trane Technologies

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