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STEM Career Profile

Do you want to be an HVAC Technician?

Learn more about this career by downloading the profile overview fact sheet and put what you’ve learned into practice with a hands-on activation.


HVAC technicians are hands-on professionals who specialize in servicing heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for homes and businesses. As an HVAC technician for Trane Technologies, Earnell uses preventive maintenance and to ensure homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles receive the indoor climate solutions they need.

Evaluate Your Interest

Explore the profile to learn more about the skills students need to succeed in this career:

  • Do you get excited about learning new things?
  • Are you a strong communicator who can thrive in a collaborative environment?
  • Does fixing things bring you a sense of satisfaction?
  • Are you comfortable using math to solve problems on the job?

Activate Your Interests

Provide practical steps students can take in everyday life to pursue this career:

  • Build your math skills by focusing on STEM classes.
  • Practice your communication and teamwork skills during daily interactions.
  • Explore the possibilities and applications of 3D modeling software.
  • Investigate careers that specialize in engineering new products.

Student Activation (PDF)

Don’t be afraid to make any change in your life that you think will be positive, and you will succeed.

Earnell Newman
Trane Technologies

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