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STEM Career Profile

Do you want to be a Product Development Engineer?

Learn more about this career by downloading the profile overview fact sheet and put what you’ve learned into practice with a hands-on activation.


Product development engineers bring together a variety of people and teams within an organization to solve problems in a way that will be most successful. As a product development engineer at Trane Technologies, Ana combines finance, marketing, and manufacturing knowledge to oversee the entire product development lifecycle and new product development.

Evaluate Your Interest

Explore the profile to learn more about the skills students need to succeed in this career:

  • Are you analytical with strong attention-to-detail?
  • Do you enjoy finding ways to solve problems?
  • Can you perform effectively as part of a team?
  • How comfortable are you with using new technology?

Activate Your Interests

Provide practical steps students can take in everyday life to pursue this career:

  • Focus your academics on building math and STEM foundations.
  • Find opportunities to practice teamwork and communication in school or at home.
  • Explore the possibilities and applications of 3D modeling software and computer aided design (CAD).
  • Research careers that are geared toward the engineering of new products.

Student Activation (PDF)

I think that empowering people to be who they are is the strongest asset that a company can have.

Ana Llanos
Trane Technologies

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