How STEM Careers Improve Indoor Climate

Take students inside the world of Trane Technologies, where employees across various fields work to create comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environments. Check out a series of interactive career profiles featuring videos and companion student activations.

HVAC Technician

Meet Earnell Newman

Explore the everyday troubleshooting and preventative maintenance that ensures indoor environments maintain safe and healthy air quality.
Director of Innovation

Meet Jason Tilghman

Look ahead to the future of HVAC technology and learn how innovations are embraced by companies to maximize efficiency and success.
Product Development Engineer

Meet Ana Llanos

Dive into the dynamic teamwork that goes into the product development lifecycle with an expert in collaboration and problem-solving.

Digital Lesson Bundle

Explore the ways that students’ environment impacts their lives with this hands-on learning exploration. Students will be introduced to Trane Technologies' Center for Healthy and Efficient Spaces (CHES) as they learn how to evaluate the environmental quality of the indoor spaces in their lives.

Healthy Spaces
Middle & High School
Duration or Length
Inspire students to investigate Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in their own community. After learning the meaning of healthy spaces, students will apply what they’ve learned to an indoor space in their school through a persuasive writing challenge.
Educator Guide

Does indoor environmental quality impact your learning environment?

Get helpful tools and strategies for implementing the Healthy Spaces lesson in your class with this comprehensive guide, including key background info, standards alignment, video transcript and more.
Educator Guide
Working with businesses and communities to sustainably create the healthiest, most efficient environments possible.
CristianVirtual Field Trip Student Host